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Press Release

At the turn of the year, Triddana celebrated the release of their new Official Video of the song "Dare to Tame Me"!

The track belongs to Rising from Within, the band's latest album (2018), and the video is the product of live recordings and studio footage created during the year 2019, before the pandemic hit the world. The video was shot in Palermo Club and El Emergente Bar, both locations in Buenos Aires. It was produced by "MULE contenidos" and directed by Gabriel Rossi. 


This release came quite outside the calendar but it provided an exciting moment for Triddana's fans in these hard times, and the band could truly express what it means for them to play their music live and the feeling and energy shared with the audience!

The video was released on December 30th as a YouTube "premiere". For more information, the band's full press kit can be found here. Further material such as mp3 (including the audio of the song itself), pics and links here.


Official Video available from May 5th!

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Triddana is a Celtic metal band that was formed in 2011. Originating from Argentina, the band quickly earned a reputation among fans in many parts of the world. For several years now they have been actively performing both in Argentina and Europe, taking audiences by surprise wherever they went, with their mixture of powerfully played metal and the majestic sound of the bagpipes. Their name is a variation of the Irish word "Troideanna", which means "fights" or "battles", and it expresses the tough spirit with which they make their way as an independent band, counting three studios albums and a following one to be released in 2021. 
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