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“Celtic folk music, powerfully played heavy metal, kilts, bagpipes, expressive hymns and an invitation to sing along with each melody..." You might be shocked that an Argentinian band can to fit to these words but it can happen, and Triddana has been masterfully proving it during the last years!


They were formed in 2011, their name derived from the Irish word "Troideanna", which means "fights" or "battles". Their

sold out performances in their home country soon earned them a reputation as a demolishing and visually attractive live act, and by the time their first full-length album Ripe for Rebellion came to light, in late 2012, the band had already drawn the attention of audiences and media around the world.


The success of their second release, "The Power & the Will" (2015) paved the way for the band's first shows in Europe in 2016. An overwhelming response from the scene -after their first appearances in festivals in Germany and Spain - only called the band to keep returning year after year since then, with appearences in open air festivals of the summer season and many other events.


The band complete their successful streak of albums with Twelve Acoustic Pieces (2017), a collection of acoustic versions of their own songs, and Rising from Within (2018), both of which were promoted during the tours that followed their releases. Alternating shows in Europe and their home country, the continuous activity of Triddana resonated, with a promising prospect that earned them the title of "Heroes of Tomorrow” by the German edition of the Metal Hammer Magazine.

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