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Triddana have come all the way from Argentina with a mixture of powerfully played metal music, Celtic folk melodies and a stunning visual presence driven by bagpipes, kilts and lots of onstage energy. They were formed in Buenos Aires in the year 2011, their name derived from the Irish word “Troideanna”, which means “fights” or “battles”. Expectation grew with their first singles and live shows, and by the time their debut album “Ripe for Rebellion” came to light, in late 2012, the band had already drawn the attention of audiences and media around the world.

In the period that followed, the band played more shows in their home town and other parts of Argentina. Triddana’s tasteful blend of musical influences caught the attention of much more than the regular metal fan and they soon earned a reputation for their solid performances and live charisma. And so it was that some time later, they started to write new music for their avid followers. After several months in the recording studios, “The Power & the Will” (2015) came out, this time edited world-wide by the German label PowerProg. This release paved the way for their first shows in Europe, which were announced soon after and took place in the summer of 2016. The band performed in Germany and Spain, and the overwhelming response from the crowds ensured their return next year.

Before their second tour, the band also started the production of “Twelve Acoustic Pieces” (2017), a collection of acoustic versions of their existing songs. This album counted with very special guests like “Norri” Drescher, from the legendary band Corvus Corax and renowned musicians from the Argentinian scene. This alternate repertoire of acoustic songs, with feeling and sound much closer to folk music, gave rise to a new live experience better suited for Irish pubs and the like, and started the tradition of Triddana’s acoustic shows”.

Their return to the Old Continent would take place with a growing presence in open air festivals, concerts in other locations and acoustic shows. As they alternated tours and gigs in different parts of Argentina, the band’s continuous activity resonated. This earned them the recognition of “Helden von Morgen” (Heroes of Tomorrow) from the Metal Hammer Magazine, which praised their ambition, quality and firm stride on European ground. But climbing the European stages every year was not enough of an accomplishment for them, and in 2018 the band came with “Rising from Within” under their arm, their fourth full-length production in only 8 years of existence. This release saw the light for the first time at the celebrated Dong Open Air festival in Germany, and stretched the band’s streak of rave reviews from the media and again garnered an enthusiastic reception from the audience. The next year, the band decided to re-release their debut album, “Ripe for Rebellion”, which was remixed, remastered and had vocals re-recorded by JJ Fornés, the man who took on singing duties from 2015 onwards. The album was promoted in what became their longest and most successful European tour to date, as usual taking audiences by surprise wherever they went.  

Triddana recently released the official video for the song "Dare to Tame Me", from "Rising from WIthin", and now find themselves booking shows for their European tour for the summer of 2021 as they get ready for a full throttle return to activities in a year which will be full of surprises!

Triddana Ripe fo Rebellin

Ripe for Rebellion (2019) Remastered

“This debut for the band is nothing short of spectacular. May the flames of twilight forever burn in their impassioned heathen hearts!”


Triddana Rising from Within

Rising From Within (2018)

”If you have already listened to Triddana, this album is precisely what is expected of this Argentine band. A lot of power, a great voice, and catchy melodies adorned in a greatly way by Pablo Allen’s bagpipes.”


Triddna Twelv Acoustic Piecs

Twelve Acoustic Pieces (2017)


“Ein Akustikalbum aufzunehmen war eine tolle Idee der Jungs von TRIDDANA! Ihre Mucke ist perfekt geeignet für so ein Experiment!”


Triddana Power and the Will

The Power & The Will (2015)

“Thank the gods then for Triddana, the Argentinian power folk group who seem determined to teach the world that you don’t have to come from a country whose main exports are snow and beards to make some thunderous folk metal.”


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15/06/2017 - MISE Open Air - Büssfeld, DE
23/06/2017 - @Dingens - Mengerskirchen, DE
24/06/2017 - @Rockkeller - Alsfeld, DE
21/07/2017 – Chaostraum - Runzhausen, DE
22/07/2017 - Open Air Seedorf - Lüneburg, DE
28/10/2017 - Argentina Game Show – Bs. As., AR
08/12/2017 - Feria Medieval del Sur – Avell., AR
23/12/2017 - Brutal Fest - Mar del Plata, AR

26/03/2016 - @Uniclub - Buenos Aires, AR
07/05/2016 - @Zadar - Wilde, AR
23/07/2016 - Festival Torres Rock - Jaén, ES
27/07/2016 - Free & Easy Festival - Munich, DE
30/07/2016 - Chaostraum - Runzhausen, DE
06/08/2016 - Metal United - Regensburg, DE
02/12/2016 - @Wolf - Banfield, AR

13/04/2019 - @Palermo Club - Buenos Aires, AR
20/06/2019 - MISE Open Air - Büssfeld, DE
05/07/2019 - @Verstârker - Siegen, DE
12/07/2019 - MUR Open Air - Königsee, DE
13/07/2019 - Fest Evil Manrode - Manrode, DE
20/07/2019 - Rock am Hinkelhof, Schlüchtern, DE
27/07/2019 - Silobrand Festival - Wichte, DE
02-04/08/2019 – Int. Fest. Maritim - Bremen, DE

30/06/2018 - Purgatory Party - Runzhausen, DE
06/07/2018 - Friedensfest - Iserlohn, DE
13/07/2018 - Dong O.A. - Neukirchen Vluyn, DE
20/07/2018 - @Irish Pub (acoustic) - Giessen, DE
01/08/2018 - Free & Easy Festival - Munich, DE
13/10/2018 - @Palermo Club - Buenos Aires, AR





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