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"One of the strongest unsigned discoveries in the genre in the last couple of years."

Manuel Liebler, METAL HAMMER


Triddana have come all the way from Argentina to deliver a mix of powerfully played metal, Celtic melodies and a stunning visual presence driven by bagpipes, kilts and relentless onstage energy!

The name of the band is a spelling variation of the Irish word "troiddeana" ("fights" or "battles"), and speaks of the bold spirit that drives them forward: carving their path as an independent act, they became regular visitors of European stages and fan favourites for metalheads around the world. 

Their music is enchanting and spirit-lifting, every concert a celebration and an invitation to sing along with each melody. Maybe surprising for some that a bunch from Buenos Aires have made such a trademark from this fusion of styles...but Celtic blood has been present for long in their corner of the world, and they masterfully prove it in every gig and every song.                                             

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Tour 2022

Flyer Tour 18 gigscentroenter_600.png

This year Triddana returned to the European stages after the years of Covid crisis: with a total of 18 gigs it was their longest tour until now. It included performances in Germany, Austria and France, billings as headliners or among the main acts and appeareances before crowds in the hundreds or even thousands!

During the tour, the band promoted songs from their upcoming album: in addition to "The Ground of the Fallen", the first single that saw the light in May, they came along with an EP under the arm: "Wasted Paradise" was released in physical format specially for the tour, and contained more new songs.

Among the highlighted gigs, were Erlensee Rockt, Metal United Festival, Rhön Rock, Internationales Festival Maritim (as headliners for their second edition in a row) and Ackerbrand Festival in Germany, Festival en Gévaudan (France, also as headliner) and Metal Escalation (Austria). See the gallery below for a few glimpses!

Erlensee Rockt (09.07.2022 - Germany). Triddana heated up the audience with a 90 minute show before the headliner Stahlzeit climbed the stage!

Live pics & Videos

@Festival en Gévaudan
When the Enemy's Close

@Festival en Gévaudan
Death Blow

@Metal United Festival
Men of Clay [excerpt]


Triddana Ripe fo Rebellin

Ripe for Rebellion (2012) 

“This debut for the band is nothing short of spectacular. May the flames of twilight forever burn in their impassioned heathen hearts!”

Triddana Rising from Within

Rising From Within (2018)

”If you have already listened to Triddana, this album is precisely what is expected of this Argentine band. A lot of power, a great voice, and catchy melodies adorned in a greatly way by Pablo Allen’s bagpipes.”

Triddna Twelv Acoustic Piecs

Twelve Acoustic Pieces (2017)

“Ein Akustikalbum aufzunehmen war eine tolle Idee der Jungs von TRIDDANA! Ihre Mucke ist perfekt geeignet für so ein Experiment!”

Triddana Power and the Will

The Power & The Will (2015)

“Thank the gods then for Triddana, the Argentinian power folk group who seem determined to teach the world that you don’t have to come from a country whose main exports are snow and beards to make some thunderous folk metal.”

Past Shows (2016-2019)


02-04/08/2019 – Int. Fest. Maritim - Bremen, DE
27/07/2019 - Silobrand Festival - Wichte, DE
20/07/2019 - Rock am Hinkelhof, Schlüchtern, DE
13/07/2019 - Fest Evil Manrode - Manrode, DE
12/07/2019 - MUR Open Air - Königsee, DE
11/07/2019 - Purgatory HMC - Runzhausen, DE

05/07/2019 - @Verstärker - Siegen, DE
22/06/2019 - Carroll's Pub - Wetzlar, DE

20/06/2019 - MISE Open Air - Büssfeld, DE

01/08/2018 - Free & Easy Festival - Munich, DE
28/07/2018 - Irish Pub Giessen, Giessen, DE

21/07/2018 - Chaostraum OA - Runzhausen, DE

14/07/2018 - Dingens am See - Mengerskirchen, DE
13/07/2018 - Dong O.A. - Neukirchen Vluyn, DE

06/07/2018 - Friedensfest - Iserlohn, DE

30/06/2018 - Purgatory HMC - Runzhausen, DE

24/07/2017 - Free & Easy Festival - Munich, DE

22/07/2017 - Open Air Seedorf - Lüneburg, DE

21/07/2017 - Chaostraum OA - Runzhausen, DE
24/06/2017 - @Rockkeller - Alsfeld, DE
23/06/2017 - @Dingens am See- Mengerskirchen, DE
15/06/2017 - MISE Open Air - Büssfeld, DE

30/07/2016 - Chaostraum OA - Runzhausen, DE
27/07/2016 - Free & Easy Festival - Munich, DE
23/07/2016 - Festival Torres Rock - Jaén, ES

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