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Press Release

The Metal/Celtic band Triddana hit the European stages this summer for the first time after the pandemic! With 16 confirmed shows, the men from Argentina are getting ready for their fifth tour in the continent, which will take place in July and August.

But the band is hitting full-throttle and their return to live concerts is not coming alone! In May, they surprised their fans with the music video of "The Ground of the Fallen", the first yield of the past years working on new material. And as they stepped on European grounds again, they released their new EP  "Wasted Paradise" in physical format.


Triddana have been preparing a surprise for their fans as well, and have now announced a very special guest for this release: Ralf Scheepers! The heavy metal legend and singer in Primal Fear will contribute with his vocals to the title track of the EP.

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The full list of tour dates can be found here.


"Celtic folk music, powerfully played heavy metal, kilts, bagpipes, expressive hymns and an invitation to sing along with each melody..." You might not expect these words to fit to an Argentinian band but it can indeed be so, as Triddana has been plentifully showing during the last years!


Triddana was formed in 2011, their name derived from the Irish word Troideanna ("fights" or "battles"), and they soon earned a solid reputation in their home land thanks to their energetic and masterful live shows. Already in their first years their continuous music production drew the attention of audiences around the world, and in 2016 their first shows in Europe took place. The overwhelming response of the scene have called them to return year after year since then.


With four studio albums released in little more than 10 years of existence and another one on its way, Triddana's unique brand of metal infused with Celtic spirit resonates wherever they go. They are now returning to activities on full-throttle after the pandemic: a vibrant European tour is on its way, where they will present an EP anticipating songs from their much expected upcoming album!

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